New Build

If you have a plot of land and would like to build your dream house or build property as an investment, then Wodecki Ltd is the building company for you.

Understanding the process of drawing plans to getting planning permission and commencing with the build. Building a house can throw up teething problems as a new build is a work in progress, this is where Wodecki Ltd’s experience and knowledge is necessary. Especially if you have no experience in the building trade or the implications of a new build, then you can put your trust in Wodecki Ltd.

New builds require a project manager on site constantly, over seeing the progress, decision making from small to large, problem solving, this is what Wodecki Ltd specialise in, communicating decisions, consulting and keeping the project moving, as we recognise that time is money.

On Site Foreman

A highly important aspect of a new build is time management. Much of constructing a house, is a reliance on different trades working together and completing on time, for the stages of development to move forward and progress.

Time management and communication between builder and customer is the key to a project finishing on time and budget, but also combined with organisational skills, building knowledge and experience. 
A project manager over sees the entire project, managing the builders and site along side adhering to the drawings, time and money constraints. Wodecki Ltd has all these skills and more, which is why we are the building service for you.


A house extension can add much needed space to your home, without the hassle of moving. Adding another bedroom, bathroom or kitchen extension can significantly improve you existing living space and the function and value of your home.

At Wodecki Ltd we specialise in building quality house extensions, at a competitive price, with minimal disruption. Building work can be disruptive and frustrating with builders roaming through your house, leaving a mess, but we pride ourselves in our customer service, with the focus centred on the customer’s expectations through the stages from design to build. Wodecki Ltd have refined their customer service over the years, which is reflected in recommendations from previous clients leading to new custom. Knowing what the customer wants is essential, high quality, for a competitive price, completed fast and efficiently by a builder they can trust. So if you are looking to extend your house then Wodecki Ltd are the builders for you.

Why choose Wodecki Ltd Construction for your house extension?

If you are considering using Wodecki Ltd to construct your extension, but need some reassurance that they are the right builders for you, then see below. For any further questions or advice please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us online.

• Proven customer service and satisfaction
• High quality build
• Competitive prices
• Minimal disruption
• Adding space and value to your home
• Fast and efficient
• Honest and reliable builder
• Experience and qualified builders
• Written quotation
• Excellent customer service
• Help, advice and guidance given

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